In our case we wanted a return flight to Reykjavik in July.

We wanted it to be direct, which was not much choice, since the only company that flies to Reykjavik from Barcelona non-stop at a reasonable price is Icelandair. So the search was to try to get out of Barcelona was a Saturday and the return would also be a Saturday or Sunday.

What made us opt for MuchoViaje?

First the price, which was the same as engaging the Icelandair flight through + the cost of issuance, which was 18 € per person, I think.

Why not hire directly from Icelandair? For cancellation insurance. As the travel time we hired wanted to be able to cancel the flight in case of unexpected situations (illness or the like) Icelandair did not give this option through its Web site and it does not work too well. If we had hired through Icelandair would have had to hire a flight cancellation insurance additional insurance company.

However, MuchoViaje, paying about 45 €, I think, had cancellation insurance. Purchase insurance directly to the insurance company was 35, I think. For 10 € (insurance) + 36 € (emission) = 46 euros over the same service we contract all with the same company, which is a plus for peace.

And I really had no problems, arrived at the airport with the e-ticket receipt, and holidays to Iceland!

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