About 3 months will hire a journey through the web to Istanbul. The trip was in late July (prices usually increase at that time) and the price for two was 800 euros.

We arrived at the airport on the day of the flight and went to the locker muchoviaje, there with our printed reservation confirmation we got our tickets to fly and the hotel lodging.

We did not have any problem, at the airport took us to the hotel and the day we came back and took us to look back to the airport. The only negative point muchoviaje are hotels.

At the time of booking you say that you stay at a hotel where there are seats, but do not tell you which one. Whenever you stay at a hotel in the category that you've requested, but sometimes misplaced and will find COMPIC access to city centers.

Muchoviaje My personal assessment is good, falling short of excellent.

Opinion: rogobcn

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