A few days ago my in-laws were proposed to go to spend a weekend in Madrid and building that were there, go see the musical "Mamma Mia."

They saw an offer on the web for many trips that included hotel and show and asked us to gestion the booking online as they are not very fine.

The website does not have much difficulty Muchoviaje when searching for something, because the main offerings are well marked on the home page and is a matter of letting go to make reservations. The plot thickens a bit more if you find yourself something very specific.

Management and they did confirm the hotel when we got an email saying that this hotel Muchoviaje was complete and we had to choose another. Said and done, we reserve the hotel and we got a confirmation that the reservation as had been done successfully. Pay with credit card.

My father had not asked us to see clearly and that the company required to lodge a bond of hotel and entertainment to confirm both assigned rooms (traveling with friends) and occupy seats in the musical, a request of all logic. We sent him by mail and there they left them all happy, resulting in more than all right, both hotel and entertainment.

The surprise came around, when he reached the monthly charge card to my father and saw that he had been charged 2 amounts of a similar amount: about 700 € more or less corresponding to the reserves and one of about 600 € did not know what it was. We quickly got in touch with Muchoviaje and after a few days of calls, and they looked to dig realized they were wrong and had uploaded 2 trips: we had to cancel because the hotel was full and the trip to made final.

The money is paying more have entered the card balance this month, with a disorder that involves having paid € 600 that were deducted from the account. Worth it as anecdotal and as advice to boaters to assure it that what you have hired is what you will pay. Moreover, the company answered the complaint very nicely and relatively quickly. This defect is not only attributable to Muchoviaje, as this past weekend something similar happened to us with another agency found that talk later.

It really is a great convenience not having to go to an agency "conventional" and return home laden with brochures. It is important that you save time pudéndolo do from home or from work, separate prices are really tempting and varied range.

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