This summer I went to Egypt with a trip muchoviaje.com purchased.

Just after buying it I happened to watch the people's opinion about this agency and the travel wholesaler, Royal Holiday.

It was a very bad idea because most reviews were bad, and I got scared in the body. It added that it was the first time I bought something on the Internet since the day I had to go to the airport was quite nervous because I did not know what to expect.

The day after booking confirmed me and charged me the credit card. With the voucher you sent me e-mail went to the airport the day of travel and gave me all the documentation.

The problems were on the trip, without much importance for me, were in any case because of Royal Holiday, and I think that did so bad at the time to resolve.

In short, as in all journeys, there is good and bad. There were many people complaining about things that I thought were absurd because we have to think that this class of travel whenever something happens that was not foreseen, and it is important as solucionan.que I have not had any problems with them, all queries that made them respond to me quickly and politely, so I do that I recommend this agency, at least in my experience.

Opinion: lily2

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