This past Christmas I have been traveling by land, central, namely Belgium and the Netherlands, and as usual I have had to find a pair of warm and comfortable hotel to spend the rigors of holiday nights. The first option discussed was to use the practical checks but later Bancotel Google brought me to my browser

The operation of is quite simple, and I refuse to go round describing all the options and sections of the website, which you can do yourself with a few mouse clicks, so I will focus on performance and results I have been given.

From there we'll just look for the city and the dates we want our hotel, search, compare and choose among the results obtained. In this way we obtain first the cheapest accommodation, and we can only whet the links to the hotels that we are interested in new tabs to compare at your leisure. We may also refine our search by various parameters, such as whether to accept bugs, the number of stars or have access to the Internet, but all is an interesting factor, which is looking around the city to a defined maximum distance in km, ideal to find a hotel on the outskirts cheaper (or more stars for the same price), if traveling by car.

The number of hotels that are obtained in the searches is very high, so we can find one that suits our tastes and budgets. A detail is that when there is an offer which it applies, is a figure crossed with the normal price, along with the price after the discount applied. Unfortunately does not appear if breakfast is included or not, and you must enter a description of the hotel to find out. Have hotels all over the world, although most are in Europe. In New York, for example, only 3, while in European capitals and other major cities in the hundreds in each. Prices are very good, and all the pages I looked this was the one with the best rates by far (in Brussels, for example, I just went with Bancotel cheap, but it included breakfast).

Within the descriptions of each hotel as we have information going to cost us the total we will spend nights in the hotel, and what is included in the price (breakfast, taxes, etc). An important detail is that the page we calculate the total price, and gets the best price for the period of time indicated. If for example the hotel is offering a special weekend, and we want to stay well on Monday, the price displayed is shown both nights at a special price and extra night price. Booking data also appear in very interesting, as the hotel's location on a map., Or how to reach and communication is about (metro, bus, etc) as well as several photos of the place.

Once we decided that we like hotel, we can make the reservation. An important detail is that the vast majority of hotels are going to require a valid credit card, as used in case of cancellation or no show for one night's hotel charge us, or to collect the drinks from the minibar that we forgot to report that we had drunk, or any other costs not covered. The cancellation policy is different for each hotel. The ones I saw could cancel one of them with 24 hours notice, and the other up to 18:00 on the day of arrival, no charge, and charged one night if the date is not respected. If the credit card is not the hotels reserve the right to cancel your reservation without more. Incidentally, the communication of "sensitive" data is done via secure connection, so do not worry about possible leaks. The mere fact that they use encryption also gives us an idea that this is a serious site.

After introducing our data, in a few minutes we will receive an e-mail with all the reservation data, the total price (conveniently broken down by night), and contact details with the hotel (which are only reported when the reservation ) as well as several links to cancel your reservation if necessary. It should print this page and take it with us if you have any problems, although in my case, everything went smoothly and it was not necessary. Anyway is good to take, as there are reported the address and phone number of the hotel, ideal to present to the native turn (babbling a strange and incomprehensible language), to tell us digitally (finger, mostly) the address take.

In my case, not knowing the reference page and not have them the next day I phoned one of the hotels were booked, and I used to verify the reservation and the price, which was the same as was shown in the booking form, and was told that there was no hidden fees or taxes. I also took to verify that the nearest subway station was so close as reported on the page.

Regarding the payment in hotels, no last-minute surprise. All clarito and as specified in the reserve. As a note saying that you do not need us to get credit card with which we make the reservation and may use any other, or cash, to pay. I remember in the hotel where I was in Brussels (Sodehotel La Woluwe, 4 stars) I was bowlegged to see that the room rate for one night without discount (330 €) was higher than it had paid for 4 nights breakfast included. And of course the room was amazing, not where I've been bigger, but if one of the most attractive (yes, the view of the courtyard better not to talk). Last so I went back to reception and ask me again verify the price, and if breakfast was included. The only downside was that I was a bit far from downtown (8 minutes by foot from the metro, then 15 to the Central Station)

In short, if you are looking for a hotel for your next vacation take a look at the page.

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