Well, I think everybody knows the web muchoviaje. The truth is that I decided last summer to organize the holiday on our own because he had more or less clear that your Internet account and was going to get out more economical and would be faster the whole process.

My first experience with them was in particular a trip to the Subbética de Cordoba, Priego (a beautiful place).

I looked in a lot of offers, and although this was not the cheapest, it seemed very reasonable, compared with a conventional travel agency, and dates in late August (€ 200 four nights accommodation only).

Within minutes, after entering my card number, I was booking my e-mail (although on the same page and will indicate the availability of each day in each hotel), and I had (almost) no problem on arrival.

Well, better said, yes I had, because in theory all the rooms were like apartments (kitchen, bathroom and bedroom), as Muchoviaje, and so we planned the trip. Well, luckily, do not buy food and drinks before arriving, because there was such a kitchen. I went to reception and was informed that the kitchen price was slightly higher, and that I had reserved was not.

The anger did not last long, because there you can eat very well, but I sent an e-mail with my complaint that there was no answer. So, as you understand, I can hardly recommend it.

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