I went on a trip to Mallorca (at Easter) and bought the plane tickets and hotel through Muchoviaje.

I went to the website and the prices were you very well, then I reserve request, I waited two or three days and I contestavan, then call them by phone and I was trying to come back teeth, that some data bank would be wrong. I do it again and again beaten.

The third time I called by phone in a few days and tell me that the plane that I have selected is not available (on the web did not show anything), I'd have to go to another plane (which did not appear as an option on the website of muchoviaje) and increased when the price about 60 euros! Estava price still within what I had thought and I agreed.

Total I lost a few days making reseved and care for you very badly, but again no problem making your reservation, you print the IDs will send you the banners at the airport and the hotel and go!

Hotel in Mallorca was good, was it put into the reserve and no problem.

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