La Pineda Trip with Muchoviaje

La Pineda
La Pineda.
This year I decided to look online as there are lots, travel agencies and I came across, I put the destination, date, day, type of accommodation and budget allow.

La Pineda, a week from July 12 to 19, half board Total: 728 €

It is more than the 8% that I downgraded to advance. Again I muchoviaje, the data you are asked if you are registered, your email and ready, waiting for the confimacion. I sent a message confirming your Harold, identification number for any questions and you're charged, 40 € for the total now to 21 days antenna travel the remaining 60%.

A day send me an email saying that if you bought a trip before June 18 would have a 5% discount and I had bought 10 or earlier, I do not remember, so I send a message telling lovque happened, I I had bought at that time because I had done my discount. The next day he had a message telling me that when I collect the full deduction of me and would stay for 689 €

Came time to pay 60% of the total and my card did not work very nice they called me and told me the problem, I gave them another and fixed, we ask if for some reason I could not get those days of holidays, digeron penalty and I had up to 15 days before the date would have to pay 6 € penalty. I understand that I have out there charge you a little percent more than that.

The next day having 60% cobado sent me an email with the voucher they sent me I had to print and that is what had to be delivered at the hotel, and another with the payment as an invoice or so.

Finally we arrived July 12 at the pine and what happened? because I was in a 4-star hotel super luxury that I loved and that everything was perfect. Sool had to give the bonus, I made a photocopy of my ID card and my partner and go.

I was afraid that if when he came and really, I would say it is worth, or has been an error, etc. But no, we should not be so suspicious and should be retrofitted with this online shopping.

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