Rome, Italy

I recently did my first travel booked online, I did through muchoviaje.com and this is the view that experience has paid me. I wanted to go to Rome, we were in July and August holidays were for, I went to several travel agencies and all were hit, no places, I do not know if there will be flights, etc ... and when I got a positive response was that the price was exorbitant 1200 euros 2 persons 4 days in Rome flight and hotel.

A friend advised me to look on the internet, and after several turns for many of the pages there I chose this. First advantage, can do a simulation of the flight you want to catch or the hotel, is free, and until you give the confirmation window, you need not give your card details so you can make various combinations and see what more advantageous for you, that itself does not take too long, because what is free one day, may be busy on the other.

For the plane picked up the option of Barcelona-Rome with Alitalia was the best direct flights, but there were cheaper flights or going out to the wee hours of the morning, be careful with this. within seconds sent me a confirmation email and a message to my phone, that's another thing that has given you a phone so even if you do this online, you can always call, as was the first time he hired some Internet was nervous, so I called, no problem and nothing was quite right.

For the hotel did the same, here there is a small stick, not going to offer all hotels in Rome, but those with whom the agency works, what good is that you check, look at the web pages of their own hotel and then decide the best you come. I also sent a few seconds the hotel voucher.

And finally, maybe not even at the airport or the hotel had any problems, I had my reservation well in all conditions with the correct data, including bed calling on observations. So in my point of view I am very happy with internet agencies, by the way the trip I went for 750 €, 450 € less than what he asked the agency does not know if that is what will win or not, what I do know is that I do not step back a travel agency in my life.

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