A few days ago I returned from my, so far, last summer holidays in Lanzarote.

I was searching the Internet for any offers to go on vacation, I did not mind the place, yes, I wanted a good price and there are openings for right away (do not understand why the agencies do not understand you want to bid anywhere, always must say a particular destination).

I found an oversupply Lanzarote 4 nights for the price of 199 € and prepared to go to travel agencies. In none had vacancies for this offer that he had found on the Internet. When I was desperate, I decided to try online, in, and the next day I called to confirm that I had found the long awaited trip.

Well, I charged the price of the reservation as they usually do and when I confirmed the trip, I was charged full price. It was assumed that the next day would receive all the necessary tickets, but we were all day at home and anything that did not get the ticket. Muchoviaje called the next day because I needed to and (went out on Tuesday and it was the Thursday before.) I was told the next day I arrive at noon and the next day at 2 had not yet arrived (it was Friday already) and muchoviaje I called again, gave me the number of the transit agency and said I was en route.

At last came the awaited trip, if they had not, on Monday was planning to go to the bank to return the bill ... Go nerves passed!.

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