punta cana
I am a regular traveler using the multitude of offerings that exist on the Internet to recruit turisitic flights or packages.

Tell you my first and last experience with Muchoviaje 2 months ago I traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, from Barcelona with this agency. The offer was very good 599 euros from Madrid. Including taxes went up to 712 Euros. The final price was much more than acceptable. 

The disadvantage is that hung out in three days from the date of making the reseved. Then came the worst. Make a booking request online. Then they say that the proceedings and that "soon" would have a reply. After waiting 24 hours, I called saying I needed to know what was wrong with the reseved, as I said I would answer shortly. They said they had a 24 to 48 hours to answer and I told them I was in 2 days and still did not know anything. I had to wait 48 hours (after 6 pm) called me again. "Is in process." At 10 pm, desist. My dreams out the window. Nor had paid nothing but illusion tapeworm. Logically there would pack up without booking is confirmed ... 

They were 12 at night when I called. And I say I have a reservation. I printed the receipt, I had to teach in the stand. At 8 am I had to leave the plane to Madrid, to scale. Therefore, at 6 am had to be there. Overall, I had 6 hours to pack and be at the airport. That night I slept at all. Between the jet lag and lack of sleep I lost 2 days of vacation ... The hotel was perfect but the trick of the book ....

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