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Balearic islands
Balearic Islands.
It was the first year that I decided to take a trip and hire over the Internet. My brother spoke highly of easyjet, but the trip was not wanted, nor was anything special, and I switch off for 10 days in the Balearic Islands, and just put the condition to do so on the same beach palm.

Through a friend and I met your opinions page. I entered it and began to browse like crazy, as though the journey was very clear, offer innumerable page has led me to take a turn in a multitude of destinations.

On the first page that you leave, you can take a general look around the site. On the left is part of all possible destinations and useful information for anyone intending to travel, regardless of the trip you want to do, both as a traditional adventure.

The trips are divided by destination and time they have all the offers available so that you can hire, or just consult.

I went directly to the Balearic and Canary Islands. It came out the first information I needed and was the availability of flights, seeing that by the time he wanted if he had free seats, just 11 to 20 August.

One problem I saw was that if you looked at dates to occupy two months, for example, from 25 August to 5 September, airport fees were different, I guess the season depending on high or medium and I clarified it were the amounts which were going to charge for this item.

Then I set out to find a hotel. These are referred to you by the number of stars, and the minimum price it costs you a room. You can also check which part of the island is, and its distance to the beach, or services that have the hotel. If you want you can create a budget based on the number of people who go or you go to fill rooms. I have no problem, because I'm going with my husband, but for those you go a group of friends or with your children, whether it is appropriate that I do, because the budget system itself, we look for the cheapest travel or you are most interested in the role of each, to give an example, there are many hotels that the first child does not pay, or have an offer if it is a honeymoon.

Having chosen the day of departure and arrival, and also the hotel of your choice, you are about to make a reservation. Once done, and after you confirm that all data is good, and can make the trip with all the concepts that you have chosen, you must check out.

There are two types of travel within the agency. On one side are the deals online, like this I've chosen, and which is reserved at the time, and which are different because they have a flashing star, and then there are those that are booked through the agency, which will must confirm the reservation by mail.

The payment is by card and are used frequently, so here you are not going to have any problem. If you can not do transfer, I always choose to pay by card, but that it ought to look at the page where you will validate the trip.

The documentation you send it to the address you give them, and management fees you are charged 6 euros, being somewhat higher if you hire from the islands.

You should register on the site, as this provision are in touch you a gift or a promotion, but in my case and I have not received anything, but do not despair.

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